News & Events January 2015

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We're starting the month in New Mexico and ending it in Michigan!

ClanDonnell is also in Minnesota! The book is in beautiful Wadena, Minnesota in An Open Book. Please visit An Open Book and like and share its Facebook page.

January 24th is the date of the 55th Annual Bobbie Burns Dinner, held by the St. Andrew's Scottish Society of New Mexico. ClanDonnell can't be there, but the book will be auctioned off as part of the fundraising for preservation of Celtic culture.

Visit the St. Andrew's Scottish Society of New Mexico website.

ClanDonnell is now in the two largest Blue States!

You can buy ClanDonnell at Book Revue in Huntington, on Long Island, New York.

Or, you can stop in at The BookMark Shoppe in Brooklyn, NYC.

Like and share the Facebook sites of Book Revue and that of The BookMark Shoppe.

California is on the opposite side of the continent, but ClanDonnell is there too! Pick it up at Distant Lands Travel Books in Pasadena, California, and like and share it on Facebook.

We also added a bluish/redish state in the Rocky Mountains! ClanDonnell is now at BookBar in Denver, Colorado. BookBar features my two favorite commodities - books and wine. Stop by, browse the books, and taste some wine. And like and share BookBar on Facebook.

ClanDonnell is also coming to Page After Page Bookstore in Elizabeth City, North Carolina. Like and share Page After Page on Facebook.

The St. Andrew's Scottish Society of New Mexico celebrates Robert Burns' birthday with dinner, music, and dancing at the Albuquerque Sheraton Uptown on January 24th. The celebration will raise a few dollars for Scottish cultural causes. The fundraising includes a auction of many, many items - including ClanDonnell: A Storied History of Ireland. If you're going, bid high and bid often.